Auction Supports Childhood Cancer


By Kristen Gloss

Melissa Kozlowski, Celebrating Home designer, could have just donated $20 dollars to the organization of her choice, but she wanted to do so much more.  In order to make a substantial difference for the organization Kisses for Kyle, Kozlowski organized a benefit quarter auction for the Delaware communities.

The auction will be held at American Legion Post #2 in Dover on Sunday, July 1.  After community members buy their $5 tickets at 1 p.m. and receive their first paddle, those who participate can bid on donated items from 12 vendors while having fun and supporting a good cause.

“Our community does very well with coming out to these auctions,” said Kozlowski. “They know these organizations rely on these donations and sometimes they can walk away with prizes.”

The Kisses for Kyle Foundation offers a variety of services of support both financially and otherwise to the families fighting childhood cancer in the Delaware Valley, according to the Kisses for Kyle website.  Families fighting this battle often have to decide between paying their bills and focusing on their child’s care. Kisses for Kyle helps with bills like rent, mortgages and cancer treatments. In addition the organization donates items of comfort to the entire family to help them in this stressful time.

Kozlowski said that Sharon Snyder, the president and founder of Kisses for Kyle, goes beyond the call of duty.  She goes to the hospitals to see the children with cancer and takes them on outings sometimes. For one trip she took a group of girls to New York to a doll factory.

Snyder began this organization after her son, Kyle, was diagnosed with and lost his life to Leukemia in 1998 when he was just shy of his second birthday.

“Sharon has given her life to helping all the families in the Tristate area who are going through this battle. Even if people don’t have any personal connection, this woman has dedicated over ten years of her life to this cause,” said Kozlowski. “If one person can do this, it is definitely worth coming out for three hours and having fun to help some boy or girl and their family who are having a tough time.”

Celebrating Home designer, Brenda Wingle, joined with Kozlowski to help organize this benefit auction because she can’t imagine losing a child. While her own two children are grown up, she has Myles, a family friend’s son whom she has watched over during his two years of life.

“My life would be over if anything happened to Myles,” Wingle said. “I would never want anybody to ever have to say goodbye to a child. Ever.”