Hudson Awarded Master Municipal Clerk Honor


By Kristen Gloss

Teresa Hudson, more commonly known as Terri, recently earned the designation of Master Municipal Clerk (MMC), but it is no surprise to city manager Richard Carmean.  It is her dedication to her work and to the City of Milford that compels her to excel.

Hudson has been working for Milford for almost 35 years. Her career for the City began in 1978 when she was hired as the Records Officer by Milford’s Police Department. From there, she was promoted, transferred and “just kind of fell right into the job” of Municipal Clerk, said Carmean. However, the work needed for her to receive the recognition of Master Municipal Clerk this year proved to be a difficult process.

Despite the fact that Hudson had a plethora of experience from her positions working for the City, she did not feel that she had the right training. With that thought, Hudson began going to the seminars and training sessions through the International Institute of Municipal Clerks (IIMC).

“It really takes a lot of hard work and really applying yourself,” said Carmean.  “[Hudson] is very much respected and well-thought of by the other city clerks. Everywhere she goes, people ask about her.”

The classes Hudson was required to take for the IIMC were very interactive, which allowed her to make many friends through the challenge. After these classes, she had to complete follow up work.  “It was a lot of writing, just like college courses,” said Hudson.

It took Hudson four years after all of her coursework, training, and the submittal of her application to receive the title of MMC. Hudson is the first clerk in Milford and the third clerk in Delaware’s history to have obtained the prestige of MMC.

The drive Hudson had to earn this award is the same drive that propels her to tackle all of the duties as Milford’s clerk. Her tasks include coordinating meetings, preparing agendas and minutes and acting as a liaison between departments. Hudson researches and writes proclamations and ordinances for the City. Some other duties consist of answering questions referred to her and managing the records for the city.

“I like the variety of my job duties. No day is ever the same,” said Hudson. “I never know who’s going to walk through the door and what they will ask.”  If someone comes in, Hudson said she will stop what she is doing and help them, even if she has ten things going on and nothing done. There isn’t any question that the Milford city officials don’t address or at least try to answer.

The demands of the job don’t tire Hudson though. Instead what she dislikes most about her job is that there are never enough hours in the day. “When Friday comes, I could use a few more days, unlike how other people are so ready for the weekend. I like to finish things before I leave,” said Hudson.

“Milford is growing leaps and bounds, and a lot of people are very interested in the community,” Hudson said. “The festivals, farmers markets… we offer a lot.” Likewise, Hudson plans to continue to help Milford grow and has a lot more to offer through her service to the city.