Sames Honored by DE Legislature

State Rep. Harvey Kenton, Richard Sames, and Carolyn Sames (wife).

Staff Report

State Rep. Harvey Kenton, (R-Milford), recently honored Richard C. Sames with a House of Representatives’ Tribute on the anniversary of his 70th year of service with the Boy Scouts of America.

Mr. Sames began his scouting career June 5, 1942, achieving the rank of Eagle Scout in 1950 and earning the Silver Beaver Award – the highest recognition a Boy Scout council can give to an adult volunteer leader – in 1969. Mr. Sames has served many years as a scout master and continues to be very active in the administrative aspects of scouting.

Rep. Kenton said Mr. Sames has created a family scouting legacy, noting that two of his grandsons are also Eagle Scouts. The House Tribute was presented on June 5th in the House of Representatives’ chamber of Legislative Hall in Dover.

Sames was also recognized in the Delaware Senate Chamber on June 5, 2012 , the 70th anniversary of the date Mr. Sames began his Scouting career, by State Senator Gary Simpson, (R-Milford), and Senate President Anthony DeLuca, (D-Varlano).

Richard Sames (left) is presented a Tribute by Sen. Gary Simpson, R-Milford (center) and Senate President Anthony DeLuca, D-Varlano (right) in the Senate Chamber on June 5, 2012.