Clawson, Rule Welcome All To Towers B&B


By Kristen Gloss

The two new co-hosts of The Towers Bed and Breakfast fit right in with Milford’s homey-feel. From their goals of incorporating themselves into the city life to little things like naming the frog in their back yard Jeremy Fisher, a bunny Benjamin Bunny and a statue Mr. Darcy, Christopher Clawson and David Rule have found their home in this residence of downtown Milford.

Clawson, an author of two fiction novels, and Rule, an acrylic and watercolor artist, came to The Towers on April 1 and jumped right into the tasks of running a bed and breakfast.  They share the duties of running the place with Daniel Bond and his wife Rhonda, who have owned the residence for a little over 20 years.  Bond and his wife came as guests originally. After visiting for years, the owners at the time told them they were going to sell it, so the Bonds decided to buy it on the spur of the moment.

The house itself and its location, as well as its individual story are part of the charm that draws people to The Towers.

“When you come to a Bed and breakfast, you come to absorb the history,” Clawson said.
One of his favorite parts of being at the residence is how “there’s always something new to find” when he is walking around the place.

The Towers, one of the first structures to be constructed in Milford, was built as a private colonial residence in 1783.  The residence was transformed into the victorian style that it is known for today in 1891.  It was not until 1986 that it became a bed and breakfast.  Throughout the building’s life, several well-known figures have resided there; namely John Lofland, one of the acclaimed best American poets, and Dr. William Burton, the governor of Delaware during the Civil War.

The Towers is over 200 years old now, requiring a lot of love and care. “It’s a 24 hours a day, seven days a week job,” said Bond. Running the bed and breakfast requires greeting guests, taking reservations, serving breakfast, and keeping everything clean. It also involves a lot of upkeep of the building itself, such as refreshing the paint.  Running the house as a bed and breakfast allows them to preserve one of the main historic landmark buildings in the city.

Despite its history and noticeable appearance, Clawson and Rule said that The Towers Bed and Breakfast hasn’t been as involved in the community as they would like it to be.

Clawson and Rule want local groups to come have luncheons and other gatherings in The Towers, such as having members of the music school perform. Recently it has been used as a subject for the Watercolor Journaling class taught by artist Rosemary Connelly.
“A lot of people go by and don’t know that it’s a bed and breakfast. We tell them it’s the pink building and they’re like ‘Oh! That’s what it is!’” Rule said.  “We want the bed and breakfast to be more welcoming, not like a museum. Some people don’t want to sit on the furniture when they come here. It can be a sad space if you don’t utilize it.”

The Towers Bed & Breakfast, located at 101 NW Front Street in downtown Milford, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as part of the North Milford Historic District. For more information on The Towers and the services they provide visit or call 302-422-3814.