Local Artist Pursues Children’s Book


Local artist, W.J. Walton, has been fascinated with the art of writing since he was just a child. In his eyes, the beauty of the written word is its ability to transfer the reader to alternate planes of reality. Through his newest venture, Walton will be taking on the role of creator as he writes a children’s book about self-discovery and the quest for knowledge.

Taking a familiar creature from the Eastern shores of Delaware, Walton’s main character is a horseshoe crab named Polly. Polly, also the name of Walton’s book, is the story of a horseshoe crab who discovers a sky full of stars on the night that she hatches, and wants to know more about what she sees. Not satisfied with the answers she gets from the other creatures of the sea, she sets out on her own to discover as much as she can.

“The story explains the wonder of discovering by looking at [humans] from another perspective,” comments Walton. “Polly is a story about self-discovery, the love of learning and exploration, and the quest for knowledge and wisdom.”

Throughout the book, Polly’s curiosity leads her to several discoveries above the water, including the strange “two feet” that live there. When one of those encounters leaves her with an unanswered question, her real journey of discovery begins.

“Through this book I hope that children learn to never loss their sense of wonder in the world,” comments Walton. “Those are the people that are making the great scientific discoveries and creating the best art.”

Walton chose the horseshoe crab as the main character because he believes that this ancient creature is possibly one of the most misunderstood species on earth. Wrongly, many think that these gentle creatures are poisonous or sting human beings. To the contrary the horseshoe crab is helpful to humans in several ways including the medical benefits discovered by using their blood.

In addition to creating his new children’s book, Polly, Walton is a committed advocate of local arts including the Second Street Players at the Riverfront Theater and the Downtown Dixieland Band. Whether he is painting sets, assisting with the production of the children’s theatre or playing with the Downtown Dixieland Band, Walton loves promoting the arts to the next generation.

Three years in the making, Walton hopes to have the book finished and published by this fall. He is currently using Kickstarter, an online platform that raises awareness and funds for creative projects, to accept pledges for the children’s book. Individuals looking to help the project can visit www.kickstarter.com/projects/wjwalton/polly or learn more about Polly on Facebook at www.facebook.com/PollyPhemus.