Milford Mentor Program Continues Success


The Milford Motivation Program recently celebrated the success of their third year of developing mentor-mentee relationships in the Milford School District. A large initiative in the First State by First Lady Carla Markell, volunteerism has continued to grow in Milford as the Motivation Program uses only volunteers to support mentor assistance for local children. Since its first year in operation, the program has quadrupled in size growing from 25 mentors to over 110.

The Milford Motivation Program pairs mentors with Milford students to form a strong, supportive bond. The primary role for each mentor is to support the student in academics and help develop a positive self-concept. The relationship between mentor and student is much aligned with the big brother/big sister concept.

“It is very important that we reach out to the kids in our schools,” commented Craig Warrington, Milford District Mentor Coordinator. “Because of the economy a lot of parents are not able to be at home with their children as much as they would like because they are working. It is huge for the kids to know they have that mentor in their corner to support them and give them encouragement.”

The target students for the program are individuals who have struggled academically, have classroom behavioral problems and those identified as lacking some level of home support. The goals of the program are academic growth, as measured on their school transcripts, improved attendance and a decrease in discipline referrals.

Mr. Warrington is asking individuals and businesses in the community to assist in the Milford Motivation Mentoring Program by becoming mentors themselves. Mentors meet with their mentee weekly for 1 hour which can include a school visit, phone call, community contact or planned social and recreational gatherings scheduled through the mentoring program. Mentors are asked to commit to this relationship for at least a full year.

Recruitment for the program will begin in September, but Mr. Warrington urges any interested party to get involved now. The Milford Motivation Program makes an effort to support the mentors throughout the year and recognize them for their efforts. With monthly support meeting, activities and the end of the year celebration the Mentoring Program hopes to inspire mentors to continue with their mentee as they progress through their educational career.

Businesses and individuals alike are encouraged to participate in the program. By committing a number or employees to act as mentors, “businesses have seen rewards through increased production and staff morale,” commented Mr. Warrington. To get involved with the Milford Mentoring Program contact Craig Warrington at 422-1640, ext. 213 or