Walton Family Needs Help


Last Tuesday, the Milford Review shared a story about local artist W.J. Walton and his pursuit of writing a children’s book named Polly that focused on teaching children about the love for self-discovery and the quest for knowledge. A committed advocate to the Milford community Walton has been involved with several local art-driven groups including the Second Street Players at the Riverfront Theater and the Downtown Dixieland Band.

Since the story was written, Milford LIVE has learned that the Walton family has become victims to some unfortunate circumstances. On the afternoon of June 26, the Walton’s home caught fire and according to Mr. Walton “most of the house was burned out.” Away from the property at the time, William, his wife Paula and his two daughters Aylisha and Nolah are all safe but their possessions along with a pet were lost to the blaze.

“The fire tore through the kitchen, across to the family room, and up through to the top floor of the house, in a room where I kept a lot of my gaming stuff,” shared Mr. Walton.

Without insurance the Waltons have no way to pay for their losses or the damages to their house. The community and friends have rallied around the Waltons and are asking for donations from local families. The family is in need of basic clothing like shirts, pants, work scrubs, socks, underwear and shoes. The two girls, 15 and 13 years old, are also in need of beds. Items can be dropped of at Tom Lankford’s Auto Shop just south of the Calvary Wesleyan Church in Harrington; Tom can be reached at 302-398-4234.

Regarding his venture into creating the children’s book, Polly, Walton will continue his pursuit and hopes to have the book published this fall.

“Polly will still get finished, printed, and sent out,” shared Walton.  “but I may have to push my schedule back a month. It may be a little while before I can even try to do illustrations again.”

To access information about specific items needed by the family visit Mr. Walton’s blog at http://www.awkwardlabs.com/family-emergency/.