B&G Club Celebrates 4th of July


On Tuesday, July 3 children from the Greater Milford Boys and Girls Club’s Summer Fun Club visited the Delaware Veterans home to celebrate the 4th of July and show their appreciation for the men and women that served the United States. Adorned in red white and blue, the children paraded from the Club to the Veterans home waving American flags and banners that read ‘Thank You For Serving Our Country”.

Throughout the week, the kids prepared cards, banners and American memorabilia to share with the veterans. With the supervision of Tammy Karnes, Youth Development Professional and Art Teacher at The Club, they learned the meaning behind the July 4th celebration and how it came to be.

“I feel that it is so important to let the kids know why we celebrate our American holidays,” commented Tammy. “They should appreciate the sacrifices that have been made by many so that they can have freedom.”

Tammy’s American spirit can be traced to her family heritage of men serving in the United States military. Her grandfather, father and husband are all veterans and served this county with pride. Those experiences have left a deep love of this country in Tammy and she shared that feeling with the kids through art.

“The kids had so much fun coming up with ideas for patriotic art,” stated Tammy. “It was great to see them taking so much pride in their work.”

At the Delaware Veterans Home, the children said the Pledge of Allegiance and sang The National Anthem and God Bless America. At the end of the event the children personally thanked the vets for their service by presenting them with handmade cards.