Boone Sets Example for Milford Grads

Jon Boone talking with Brett Favre of the New York Jets.

At the age of 26, John Boone has already led quite an example for other Milford High School and University of Delaware graduates to follow. With two degrees in sports medicine and experience in the collegiate and professional arenas, Jon looks to expand upon his success in the future with more hard work and determination.

After graduating from Milford High School in 2003, Jon attended the University of Delaware where he decided to major in Accounting. Being an avid athlete his entire life, Jon also desired a spot on the UD baseball team and began training his freshman year.

“The first semester in college was really rough,” commented Jon. “I was on academic probation and I did not make the baseball team. I know I had to do something to turn it all around.” These obstacles did not distract John from his passion to succeed.

With his love for sports ever present in his life, Jon decided to enroll in the University’s Athletic Training Education Program. That decision changed his direction in life and created several successful experiences that not even Jon could have predicted at the time. His inquiry into athletic training began his senior year at Milford High School when he took a sports medicine class from MHS Football Coach Mike Tkach. That class created a foundation of knowledge allowing Jon to change to a major where he could still participate in competitive sports.

At the University of Delaware, Jon worked with the football, woman’s lacrosse and baseball teams through his college tenure. He also volunteered his time to work with the Men’s Ice Hockey team and was able to mentor other students in the field of Athletic Training as the years went by.

“Working with the UD Ice Hockey Team gave me a wealth of experiences,” commented Boone. “I learned a lot of independence and confidence as they allowed me to do things on my own.”

After graduating form the University of Delaware in 2008 Jon had the opportunity to try his expertise in the professional arena of the National Football League as he worked with teams such as the Seattle Seahawks and the New York Jets. It was his job to prepare the athletes for Sunday by preventing possible injuries and using rehabilitation to accelerate the healing process.

“The NFL was such a valuable experience,” stated Jon. “It was a business more than anything and we did everything and anything to get those guys ready to play on game day. With a $120 million payroll on the line we had everything we needed at our disposal.”

With one year of professional experience on his side Jon decided to go back to school and attended the University of Kentucky for his graduate degree in Sports Medicine. There Jon had the opportunity to work under the Head trainer for UK, James Madaleno. It was at this point that Jon decided he wanted to return to working as a professional athletic trainer.

In 2011 Jon received job offers from the New York Jets, the Atlanta Falcons and the University of Delaware. With the uncertainty of the NFL lockout still looming Jon decided to return to his alma mater and has worked diligently with the UD Men’s basketball team ever since, keeping them healthy and free of injury. With his help, the team had the first winning season in several years

Jon’s long-term goals include returning to the NFL and becoming a head trainer for a collegiate or professional sports team. He continues to mentor younger trainers and looks to provide an example for those that want to work in the field of sports medicine.

“I talk to kids and they always want to go to the pros,” commented Boone. “I always tell them you need to set goals, have a plan, keep your nose to the grind and work hard.”