School Board Swears In Fry, Rust

Milford School Board President Pat Emory welcomes new School Board Member Barry Fry

Milford Residents Barry Fry and Eugene Rust were sworn in as official 2012-2013 Milford School Board Members on Monday, July 9 in the Board Room at the Milford Middle School. At-Large candidate Barry Fry won his election by a margin of 73.45% (570 out of a total of 776 votes) while Area “D” candidate Eugene Rust defeated his opponent by a margin of 63.74% (443 out of a total of 695 votes). Rust and Fry will each serve 5-year terms on the Milford School Board.

During the campaign Mr. Fry articulated that he wants to take on the issues of Race to the Top requirements, State testing and funding in addition to finding a strong, outgoing Superintendent that can bring consistency, unity and pride to the Milford District. Mr. Fry is best known for his work as an Agricultural Teacher at Milford Senior High School from 1971-2009 while also serving as FFA Advisor.

During his campaign, Mr. Rust expressed his concern over the amount of administrative staff and teachers leaving the district and their reasons why.  In his new term, he pledges to find a solution for this and work to increase the level of community involvement and communication between the public and the district. Rust has worked for the district for the past 30 years and has been involved with school staff, administrative staff and construction staff.

After each new member was sworn in Dr. Sylvia Henderson acted as interim chairperson to open the new session of the Milford School Board and conduct the election of Board appointments. Dr. Henderson has been named as the interim Superintendent to facilitate the duties of that office during the absence of the previous Superintendent Sharon Kanter until a new Superintendent is chosen by the Milford School Board. The Board hopes to make a decision by mid-July.

After. Dr. Henderson called the new 2012-2013 Milford School Board to order she asked for nominations for the office of President. Patrick Emory was elected by the Board as the President by a unanimous vote. As newly elected President, Mr. Emory asked for nominations for the Vice President of the Milford School Board. Mark Schanne was elected to continue as Vice President by a unanimous vote. The next Milford School Board Meeting will be held on Monday, August 20 at 7pm at the Milford Middle School.

Milford School Board President Pat Emory welcomes new School Board Member Eugene Rust.