City To Begin Infrastructure Work Monday, July 16th


Replacement of some sanitary sewer pipe in downtown Milford will cause some disruptions to traffic flows, businesses and possibly the farmers market. Road closures and reduced parking will be in force during the approximately 4-5 week construction period. For more details, here is the announcement from the City of Milford:

Please note that Teal construction will begin construction on replacement of sanitary sewer pipe in the downtown region this coming Monday (July 16th). It is anticipated that they will be working on Front street, Causey Avenue and North Walnut Street area (up to the Mispillion bridge) for approximately 4-5 weeks. At times there will be road closures (Front street heading west), single lane closures (N.Walnut Street and Front Street heading East) and reduced parking on both Front and Walnut Streets.

Obviously there will be disruptions to vehicular traffic, pedestrians, local business owners and the farmers market, however it is vital that this work be undertaken. Currently the City has made a temporary repair to a collapsed sewer pipe and storm sewer pipe on N.Walnut street, which was damaged due to large volumes of rain fall during Hurricane Irene of last year. The repair will involve both removing and replacing these damaged pipes.

All work will be conducted during regular work hours between Monday and Friday, and all streets will be opened up for regular traffic at the end of each work day and weekends.

Thank you for your understanding at this time, as we continue to make improvements to the City’s infrastructure system.