Junior League Boys Win District Title


The Milford Junior Baseball team won the title of District I Champions on Thursday, July 12 after defeating MOT (Middletown, Odessa, Townsend) 7-2. The boys went undefeated in the District Tournament scoring a total of 17 runs in their last two performances.

On Tuesday, July 10 the Milford Junior boys defeated MOT 10-9 during a game that lasted into the early hours of Wednesday morning. With a strong pitching and offensive performance to start the game, Milford was able to take an early lead of 4-0. After 6 innings of play both teams rallied the bats, scoring 16 runs combined, with MOT taking over the lead late in the 6th inning, 9-8. With bases loaded Korey Mitchell was walked to bring Tyler Benton home and tie the game at 9-9. The winning run was dealt by aggressive base running as Brady Carter ran home after a wild pitch passed by MOT’s catcher.

“Our desire to stay in the ballgame is what got us the win,” commented Coach Kevin Mitchell. “The other team came back but we never gave up.”

In the final round of the District tournament Milford played MOT again, as MOT won their second game in the losers’ bracket. Milford started off the game quickly scoring in the 1st inning as Mike Saxton had a base hit to score Chase Taylor. Tyler Benton pitched an outstanding game, only allowing 2 runs in 6 1/3 innings. He also had a critical RBI that took Milford’s lead from 4-2 to 6-2. Gordon Boslett had the winning RBI and Tommy Jordan finished the game on the mound for the victory. Milford went on to defeat MOT 7-2 to clinch the District Title.

“The boys had a more consistent game and a steady performance on Thursday night,” commented Coach Mitchell. “MOT had some strong pitching but we were able to pick away at their pitcher here and there to score some runs.”

The Milford Junior Baseball team will play in the State Tournament on Wednesday, July 25 in Laurel against the District II Champions which are still to be determined.

“We are very strong defensively and have a lot of depth when it comes to pitching,” commented Coach Mitchell when asked about how the boys will perform at States. “As in any case you need plenty of offense, as you continue to step up levels so does the pitching. We want to start out strong because it is easier to win with a victory in the first round.”