Morgan Continues To Fight Cancer

Barbara and Billy Morgan.

Barbara Morgan has lived in the Greater Milford Area her entire life and has touched many lives during her life through her ability to make others smile. Voted ‘class clown’ by her peers in high school, Barbara still has a great sense of humor and an outgoing personality at the age of 58. Even through her continuing battle with lung cancer, she has continued to keep her spirits high in hopes to defeat this terrible disease.

Barbara currently works for the Milford School District as a Nutrition worker at the Mispillion Elementary School and loves working with the kids and her co-workers. She shares that they have become a family of their own offering support before and now during her fight against cancer.

In March of this year, Barbara began experiencing double vision and decided to visit her eye doctor in an attempt to understand why. After multiple visits and several treatments by her physician, Barbara’s vision did not improve. The eye doctor ordered an MRI for precautionary reasons and the results showed something that neither Barbara or her doctor expected. The MRI showed that she had a lesion in her brain in the cerebellum area and upon further testing of her chest, Barbara was diagnosed with primary Stage 4 non-small cell lung cancer with metastatic disease to the brain.

Since then, Barbara has had brain surgery to remove the lesion and is now preparing for her next surgery which will be a Video Assisted Thoracic Surgery (VATS) lobectomy. This is a less invasive procedure than traditional lung surgery and will remove the right upper lobe of her lung in an effort to stop the spread of cancer.

“Overall as far as her attitude and outlook, she has been unbelievably positive,” commented Barbara’s son Jerry Williams. “She is still in a lot of pain but she has accepted it.”

Preparing for her lobectomy on August 2, Barbara is getting ready to undergo the radiation and chemotherapy necessary to defeat cancer. It will take several surgeries and immense stamina to fight the disease that is attempting to take her life.

Along with the physical and mental struggle Barbara will endure will come the stress of the medical costs associated with the surgeries, radiation, chemotherapy and recovery. Even with insurance the financial burden on this family will be more than bearable.

“I was floored by the amounts of her medical bills when they started coming in already,” stated Jerry. “If you know Barbara, she is not one to complain or to ask others for help,” commented Jerry. “As a family we have decided to ask for help on her behalf.”

The family is asking the community to help in any way possible during her recovery over the next several months. They have set up a website where individuals can find out how to donate money or time and receive updates about Barbara’s progress. Donations can be made by visiting The family is hoping that individuals will continue to support Barbara and donate items such as Hotel Points to allow them to be with their loved one as she undergoes treatments at Christiana Hospital. Those interested in helping the Morgan family in any way can contact Jerry Williams at 302-339-3241 or at