Phyllis Kohel Chosen As New Superintendent

Phyllis Kohel with the Milford School Board of Education.

Phyllis Kohel was officially introduced as the new Superintendent of the Milford School District at the Milford School Board Meeting on Monday, July 23; pending her release as the Superintendent from the Woodbridge School District. Ms. Kohel will hear from the Woodbridge School District tonight about her position as the Woodbridge Board of Education votes on whether to release her from her existing contract that still includes six months left with that district.

In 2011 Phyllis left Milford to take a new position as Superintendent for the Woodbridge School District and has now returned to the district where she has held several positions from teacher to administrator. During her tenure at Milford Phyllis took on many roles in the Milford School District including an English teacher (1984-1996), Assistant Athletic Director (1991-1997), guidance counselor (1996-1998), Assistant Principal (1998-2000), Principal (2000) and the Director of Student Support.

“I thank the District for the opportunity for allowing me to come home,” commented Ms. Kohel during the School Board meeting on Monday night. “It was very hard for me to talk about the Milford while I was gone without saying the word we, and I was corrected quite a few times. I will be absolutely committed to the district and we will move ahead.”

The search for a new superintendent for the district began on December 12 when former superintendent Sharon Kanter announced her retirement from the position at the last School Board meeting of 2011. Ms. Kanter served the Milford School District for two and a half years, taking over as Superintendent in 2009 following Dr. Robert Smith.

In the summer of 2011, a petition was organized by Paul Mills to discuss problems he saw with the Milford School District and the removal of Superintendent Sharon Kanter. As it began to gain momentum in the community a second petition in opposition to the first, led by Dwayne Powell, organized in support of Ms. Kanter and the job she has done at the Milford School District.

In April of 2012 the University of Delaware Institute for Public Administration (IPA) was hired by the Milford School Board to facilitate the process of finding a new superintendent. They held three public meetings at the Milford High School, online surveys and interviewed several candidates from the state of Delaware and across the nation.

Ms. Phyllis Kohel will begin the position of Superintendent for the Milford School District as soon as her current contract from the Woodbridge School District is resolved. Ms. Kohel looks forward to returning to the district that she considers home and will continue her 28 year tenure as an employee of the Milford School District shortly.