In Loving Memory of Edward R. Morris, Sr


In loving memory of my husband and loving father, Edward R. Morris, Sr. Ed was just 45 years old when he passed away from complications of pancreatitis. After nearly four weeks of hospitalization and making it through the many complications, he encountered a pulminary embolism which very untimely took his life on Friday, July 13, 2012. He was born on September 13, 1966 in Wilmington, Delaware and grew up in Trainer, Pennsylvania. He attended Chichester High School and graduated in May of 1985. Ed and I married in 1987 and we had three really wonderful children: Edward R. Morris, Jr.; Samantha A. Morris; and Hubert Morris all of Milford, Delaware. His father, the late Hubert W. Morris, was the Chief of Police in Trainer. Ed was also survived by his loving mother, Barbara E. Morris, also of Milford, Delaware and his brother, Hubert Morris, of Tennessee. Our first grandchild was due to be born on July 13th, but we had a blessing in disguise for he was born on July 12th. His name is Landon Edward. Ed was very appreciative of having two best friends he could always be heard referring to as “brother,” Gordon & Jeff. He was thankful to have them both and each of their families in our lives.

Ed was a life long volunteer fire fighter, formerly members of Friendship Fire Company, Trainer Fire Company and, of course, Linwood Fire Department. We moved to Milford, Delaware in 1999 and Ed started his own business, E-D-S of Milford, Inc. at that time. He spent his life working hard to raise his children and spent all of the time he could with them, his mother, and I. He loved taking us to Disney World, the beach and Christmas was his favorite time of year. He even recently began turning his Christmas time fun of decorating our house with nearly 400,000 (but whose counting) Christmas lights into a charity fund raiser by participating in a house tour event which raised money for the ACS. His heart was huge at Christmas, he was kind and giving to others – he truly was a Santa. I can remember my husband as the person who would drop what he was doing to run and help a friend or even a stranger if need be so. If someone needed to have something picked up, moved, built, or even if a stranger was stuck in snow drift –he would stop and help. We all are missing him so much and our lives will be forever changed.


Sharleen Morris