Henderson Lobbies Lawmakers to Reauthorize ESEA

Scott Rheim (executive director of DASA), Sylvia Henderson ( president elect of DASA and rep Milford School District), Senator Thomas Carper, Jennifer Nauman (principal of shields elementary, Cape Henlopen school district) and Dan Shelton (past president of DASA, principal, smith elementary, Christina School District).

Dr. Sylvia Henderson, Director of Student Support for the Milford School District, recently joined elementary and middle-level educators and leaders from across the country in the nation’s capital during the National Association of Elementary School Principals’ National Leaders Conference to advocate for fair policies that strengthen schools.

Dr. Henderson took the critical needs of Milford and Delaware schools directly to lawmakers on Capitol Hill during meetings with legislators. Several states across the nation have accepted the Department of Education’s waivers from provisions of No Child Left Behind but, Sylvia and her colleagues stressed that Congress must complete the long-overdue reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.

During the three-day trip Sylvia met with the Delaware delegation which includes United States Senators Carper and Coons and United States Representative Carney. While there Dr. Henderson discussed with legislators what cuts to education funding would mean to teachers and their classrooms.

“It is strictly for the children and our future,” commented Dr. Henderson. “If we do not advocate for them it will directly affect the classroom. Cuts to funding will be seen firsthand by kids and teachers.”

According to Henderson, teachers and administrators will be forced to find ways to teach their children with less resources if federal funding cuts are allowed. Her trip to Washington helped Sylvia inform the Delaware delegation of what is happening in education in the first state at the grassroots level.

“Carper, Coons and Carney are one hundred percent supportive and understand our initiatives,” stated Dr. Henderson. “They are well informed of the many positive things we are doing.”

In 2011, Dr. Sylvia Henderson was chosen as Delaware’s 2011 National Distinguished Principal of the Year by The Delaware Association of School Administrators (DASA). Dr. Henderson has been with the Milford School District for a total of thirteen years, seven of those years as principal of Lulu Ross Elementary School. Also in 2011 Sylvia was promoted to Director of Student Support of the Milford School District and was most recently honored as the interim Superintendent in 2012 after Sharon Kanter left the Superintendent position.