Local Chef, Long-Time Friend Reunites at Abbott’s


Abbott’s Grill Chef and Owner Kevin Reading announced on Thursday, July 26 the newest addition to his staff, Pastry Chef Andrew Hooven. Mr. Reading and Mr. Hooven have worked together for years, beginning in 1994 with the opening of Reading’s first restaurant, The Fox Point Grill, in Wilmington, DE.

“Opportunity keeps bringing us back together,” commented Reading. “We work together and then splinter off again, but the opportunity to reunite keeps coming back up. [Abbott’s Grill] is growing and we needed a mature, expert in his field.”

Andrew is a Brooklyn native who graduated from the Peter Kumps Culinary School in New York, specializing in baking and pastry. He has worked with Kevin Reading at Fox Point Grill, Espuma, Sweet Dreams Bakery and both Nage locations. He has most recently worked at Blue Moon in Rehoboth Beach, The Stone Balloon Winehouse in Newark, and Touch of Italy in Lewes.

“It’s really helpful knowing what each other is capable of doing,” commented Hooven when asked why Kevin and himself enjoy working together. “I would describe it as professionalism with light humor.”

Fans of Nage Bistro may remember Andrew’s famous Bailey’s Chocolate Mousse Cake, as well as his famed Challah and Brioche breads. “It’s great working with such a professional,” says Kevin. “His desserts are simply amazing.” Abbott’s Grill summer menu features breads and desserts by Andrew. Full-Service Catering, including desserts, pastries and special occasion cakes, can be booked by contacting Abbott’s Grill at 302-491-6736.

“Our goal is to become one of the best restaurants in the state of Delaware, commented Kevin. “WE want to be known as being consistently quality and value oriented.”