City Introduces New Yard Waste Regulations


On Monday, August 13 Milford City Council amended an ordinance of the City of Milford code that will affect residents that use yard waste collections and disposal services from the City of Milford Public Works Department. Due to a mandate by the Department of Natural Resources (DNREC) in 2011, the City of Milford and the Public Works Department adopted an additional yard waste collection and disposal system to the already trash and recycling collection services that were issued to City of Milford residents.

Beginning January 1, 2011 new regulations stated that yard waste would have to be separated from regular refuse in order for it to be disposed of in the city of Milford. Originally on a trial basis for 6 months, the program presented many difficulties for the Public Woks Department over the last 20 months and new regulations were seen as necessary for the department to carry out the mandate.

“The work was very labor intensive for the workers and the amount of yard waste was getting to be too much,” commented Brad Dennehy, Director of City of Milford Public Works Department.

Dennehy points to the yard waste that pilled up in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene last summer as an extreme example of what City workers dealt with on a weekly basis.

“During Hurricane Irene there was a lot of damage and a lot of yard waste and debris that people placed on their curb to be collected,” commented Dennehy. “What we thought would take us a week turned into a month. The new yard waste regulations will benefit all of the citizens of the town.”

Under the amended city code, residents of Milford that ask for a yard waste container will be provided one by the City of Milford. All containers must be placed just behind the curbline of the street abutting to the property but “shall not be placed where the containers will interfere with vehicular or pedestrian traffic.”

The City will provide the collection of yard waste that includes leaves, branches and tree trimmings from April 1 through October 31, provided that the refuse is deposited into the yard waste containers. The collections will occur once every other week for yard waste disposal. Disposal of leaves, branches and tree trimmings that will not fit into the container will be the responsibility of the property owner, not the City. It will be illegal to place, sweep or blow leaves and other yard waste into the street, storm drains or catch basins.

The City will also provide for loose leaf curbside collection from November 1 through January 31 with the following conditions: Leaves must be free of stones, branches, brush and grass clippings or they will not be collected. The loose leaf curbside collection will be collected once each week.

Details regarding days and times for the new yard waste collection schedule will be released to the public shortly.