Route 1 Sign Promotes Downtown Milford

From right to left: Owner of Abbott’s Grill Kevin Reading, Private Dining Coordinator Laura Burton and City of Milford Economic Development Director Steve Masten.

Staff Report

In a collaborative effort to bring more vehicle traffic to the heart of downtown Milford, Kevin Reading, owner of Abbott’s Grill, and Bryan Shupe, owner of Milford LIVE, facilitated the process necessary to place Milford’s first Travel Service Signs for dining on Route 1. The signs, which attract customers from the Coastal Highway to downtown Milford, are located on the northbound and southbound sides of the Route 1 and Route 14 intersection.

The Travel Services (Logo Signing) Program is offered through the Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) and contracted with Delaware Logos, L.L.C. This program provides for the erection and maintenance of background signs (mainline and ramp) within the right-of-way of limited access highways. The signs are erected to provide identification and directional information to the traveling public for eligible business establishments offering Gas, Food, and Lodging services.

“We are so excited to see the new signs along Route 1,” commented Kevin Reading. “While they are great for Abbott’s Grill, we feel that they’re an even greater advertisement for all of downtown Milford.”

The Coastal Highway, on which the new sign resides, is connected to tourism more than any other Delaware Highway, allowing people to access the State of Delaware from Wilmington to Fenwick Island. According to the Delaware Economic Development Office tourism has grown to a $2.1 billion industry that employs 39,000 people and attracts over 7 million visitors to the First State each year. Reading and Shupe are hoping that these visitors will find another destination to spend their time and money and begin to understand that the beach resort areas are just the start of what Delaware has to offer.

“This sign will attract potential customers from one of the busiest roadways in the state of Delaware,” stated Bryan Shupe. “As they move through our town, motorists will have the chance to see Milford and what it has to offer. For years we have been trying to find a way to connect will those headed to and from the beach, this is a great start.”

Local businesses are encouraged to become a part of the program by placing their restaurant, fuel station or lodging facility on the new Travel Services Sign. Restaurants must have a continuous operation 12 hours per day, be open 6 days per week , serve 2 meals per day and have on display state health and business licenses to fit the criteria for the program. The fees which include 1 mainline and 1 ramp business logo sign are $1,200 annually per year, per direction. If local businesses are interested they should call Milford’s Economic Development Director, Steve Masten at 302-422-3712, extension 310 for further assistance.