Senator Coons Visits Milford

From left to right Mayor of Milford Ronnie Rogers, U.S. Senator Chris Coons and City of Milford Manager Richard Carmean.

On Tuesday, August 7, United States Senator Chris Coons visited Milford and spent his day talking with residents, business owners and City officials about the future of the town’s economy, infrastructure and needs for growth. Stops on his trip included City Hall, Dentsply Caulk and Baltimore Aircoil.

Senator Coons began his day by meeting several key players in the Milford community at City Hall including individuals from various city offices, local businesses and area non-profits. Coons encouraged each group to discuss their challenges for growth and working with federal entities. After hearing their concerns Coons asked what he could do at the federal level to facilitate their needs for success.

City Manager Richard Carmean discussed the City’s efforts in planning for Milford’s future as he shared Milford’s recent economic progress including the establishment of a Strategic Master Plan, Economic Development Panel, the hiring of an Economic Development Director and the partnership between the City and the University of Delaware on the Complete Communities Project. Future planning and construction of infrastructure in the South East Region was also discussed with the Senator, demonstrating Milford’s focus on future growth.

“I believe we were able to assemble the right people at City Hall to inform the Senator about our path to economic development,” commented Mr. Carmean. “The Senator’s background working with Gore and as a County Administrator really allowed him to understand our challenges and needs for economic development and new infrastructure.”

Senator Coons then visited two of Milford’s largest manufacturing companies Dentsply Caulk and Baltimore Aircoil in an effort to better understand their needs for future growth in the Milford area. Dentsply Caulk, located on West Clarke Avenue, shared their concerns over counterfeit dental products from foreign countries that have been making their way into American markets.

At the Baltimore Aircoil Company plant, located on Road 447, Senator Coons received a comprehensive tour of the facility and was available for a question and answer session with plant employees. Plant manager Drew Satorius expressed his gratitude for the support that the State of Delaware and federal agencies have given the company in recent years. According to Satorius, the Delaware Economic Development Office (DEDO) has funded expansion and training for the Milford plant, which has received over $410,000 from DEDO in the past decade and $166,000 since 2009.

“It is a phenomenal honor to have Senator Coons visit us and it means a lot to our employees to see his support for our company,” stated Satorius. “The biggest thing for us is to make sure that at the federal level they keep the economy in the forefront of their minds.”

According to Senator Coons staff , the Senator used this trip as an opportunity to get a feeling for the potential for growth in Milford and where he could be of assistance in providing support in economic development and infrastructure needs.

“There is a shared commitment to progress in Milford,” commented Senator Coons. “I feel that I got a lot of value from understanding their challenges. The most encouraging part was seeing the very real collaboration between all the different entities in Milford that are committed to long-term growth.”