Bayhealth Encourages Volunteering


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“Everybody has a passion. Whether you bake cookies, whether you read, whether you play a musical instrument, you can share your passion with patients by becoming a volunteer,” said Bayhealth Manager of Volunteer Services Terry Schrenker. “By sharing your special gift, you’re making people feel better during a difficult time.

According to Schrenker, Bayhealth has 400 adult volunteers year round, and 100 student volunteers during the summer. The volunteers come from all walks of life, and perform a wide variety of functions at the hospital. This runs the gamut from baking and serving cookies, to sharing their pets, to being a good listener.

Bayhealth Kent General volunteer Mary Ann Couture developed the nickname, “The Cookie Lady” for sharing her passion for baking with patients. Once a week, Couture bakes chocolate chip and vanilla cookies right at the hospital and brings them to patients.

“It always makes them smile and makes them feel good. And, when they feel good, I feel good,” said Couture.

Bayhealth Milford Memorial volunteer Gladys Reynolds shares her passion for people by volunteering at the Reflections Gift Shop. Reynolds has served in the gift shop for more than 19 years, helping countless store patrons during the past two decades.

“When people come into the store, I’m happy to help them find what they need. Since the Milford Memorial Auxiliary donates the shop’s proceeds to the hospital, I know I’m helping all of the patients and our entire community,” said Reynolds.
No matter what passion you have to share, you can make a difference by joining the Bayhealth volunteers.

Find out more by calling Bayhealth Kent General Volunteer Services at (302) 744-7153 or Bayhealth Milford Memorial Volunteer Services at (302) 430-5635 or by visiting
Pursue your passion at Bayhealth!