Circle of Light & MSD Partner To Help Homeless Kids

Representatives from Walnut stand with Deacon Dorthothy Vuono and Reverend Kevin Bowers from Circle of LIght Inc. and Craig Warrington and Sylvia Henderson from the Milford School District.

In an effort to help homeless children in the Greater Milford area, Circle of Light, Inc. and the Milford School District have created a partnership to promote awareness and support for local homeless children. Defined as a child that does not have a permanent address, the Milford School District identified 127 children last year that were living in a transitional stage of residency.

Through private donations from the community, local churches, businesses and monies from grants, Circle of Light, Inc. is making a total donation of 100 sleeping bags from WalMart, for children in need during the upcoming school year.

“One of the misconceptions about homeless children is that they are unsheltered,” commented Reverend Kevin Bowers, Assistant Program Coordinator for Circle of Light, Inc. “They are usually sheltered but in a transitional stage of residency. The value of the sleeping bags is that most of these kids will be able to take them along with them as they travel to multiple locations throughout the school year.”

According to Deacon Dorthothy Vuono, Program Coordinator at Circle of LIght, Inc., adding even just one item that is always present in the child’s life can help them deal with the difficulties associated with homelessness. Circle of Light, Inc. is dedicated to helping the homeless women and children in the Milford area and is the intermediary for area non-profits such as People’s Place. They help collect mattresses and household items for the transitional housing that People’s Place offers local women that have experienced abuse.

Over the last several years, the Milford School District has become very involved with helping area students that are considered homeless. In each school, teachers, counselors and administrative staff receive training in how to recognize homeless children and how to assist them. With a nationwide increase in home foreclosures and a decrease in the number of available jobs around the nation, officials at the Milford School District expect the number of children identified as homeless to increase over the next school year.

“We have already had calls coming in from around the district asking for help,” commented Craig Warrington, Director of Milford School District Mentoring Programs. “We expect the number of homeless children in this area to rise.”

Circle of Light, Inc. and the Milford School District are asking for the public’s helps in assisting these homeless children by providing items such as toiletries and clothing. Local organizations, businesses, church groups and private citizens can get involved by contacting Circle of Light Inc. representative Deacon Dorothy Vuono at 302-465-5901 or Milford School District Representative Craig Warrington at 302-424-6470 or 302-384-4669.