Milford Gifts Opens Downtown


Opening 7 stores in just 6 years, Micha Seto has taken what has been called one of the nation’s toughest economic times and turned it into a period of prosperity for herself, her employees and the towns that her businesses occupy. Her newest store, Milford Gifts, opened last week in downtown Milford and will be having its Grand Opening celebration on Thursday, August 23. Offering coastal style home decor, children’s items, gourmet food and cards, Milford Gifts will bring another unique storefront to Walnut Street.

Micha Seto graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in business and fashion.  After trying her hand in banking and direct sales she decided to dive back into the world of retail, where she has been for the last six years.  On a trip to St. Martin, Micha was inspired by the beautiful handbags she found on the island, but not so much by their price tags.  At this point, she decided to create merchandise herself that was not only beautiful but affordable. After making her own bags and traveling to trade shows she decided to open a shop in Lewes were she could focus on the wants of her customers.  As her business grew and more locations were added, many of her customers requested that Micha open a storefront in Milford.

One year after opening Blooming Boutique in Milford, Micha decided that the town was also the perfect place to open her second Milford business, her seventh in Delaware. Her first store that opened in Milford, Blooming Boutique, has now moved across the street from its original location to accommodate more room for product, while Milford Gifts has opened its doors in the former Blooming Boutique location at 42 N. Walnut Street.

“This store front is just a great location,” commented Micha when asked why she decided to open a brand new store in the location Blooming Boutique left behind. “Milford has every reason to succeed and I hope that Milford Gifts will give people another reason to come downtown.”

According to Micha, Blooming Boutique’s biggest market has come from the local community and she expects the same for Milford Gifts. Constantly thinking of how to create Milford as a destination, Micha believes that more unique businesses such as a toy store or candy store should locate in downtown Milford to help with economic development.

“Milford has been great for my businesses,” commented Micha. “The people are loyal and everyone makes it easy to have a business here.”

The Grand Opening for Milford Gifts will be held on Thursday, August 23 from 5pm to 7pm at their downtown location, 42 N. Walnut Street. For more information call 302-422-4140 or visit them on Facebook.