Former Players Inducted To Hall of Fame


By Kevin Eickman

Prior to the start for Friday’s game, the Milford 12th Man Gridiorn Club conducted their Hall of Fame dinner. The occasion gave the opportunity for past players to reminisce and celebrate their athletic accomplishments. With Jack Simon as the Master of Ceremonies, former players Lonnie Aikens, Darrald Gibson, Josh Marvel as well as Former Head Coach Vern Walch where inducted at halftime during Friday evening’s game.

The 12th Man Gridiron Club has a stated goal to recognize Milford’s rich athletic past. They believe that recognizing the legacy of the program, will strengthen it as they go forward. Principal David Carter, Head Coach Mike Tkach as well as the inductees themselves addressed the attendees, expressing pride and humility upon being inducted into this prestigious brotherhood.

Josh Marvel and family.

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“There have been so many great people that have come through here.” commented Tkach. “These weren’t just football players, these are leaders that excelled on and off the field. They are examples to the players of today.”

Members of the 12th Man Gridiron Club are asking the community to help in their active search for future nominations to the Hall of Fame. Nomination is not exclusive to only players but includes past coaches, boosters and supporters.

“We are looking for individuals that are recognized by their fellow teammates,” commented Simon. “An individual who was an inspiration to all of those that he played around.”

Nominees for the Milford Football Hall of Fame can be made by contacting Jack Simon at 302-422-2132 or Mike Tkach at 302-422-1610. Simon and Tkach also encourage people to get involved by becoming members of the 12th Man Gridiron Club. Yearly and Lifetime memberships are available to the club and include membership benefits. All monies from memberships will be used to support the 12th Man Gridiron Club and the Hall of Fame.