Scotty Plans To Retire After 50 Years


John C. Scott, owner of Scotty’s Barber Shop on Rehoboth Boulevard, is celebrating his 50th year cutting hair in the Milford area. A Milford High School graduate of 1962, Scotty began cutting hair the September following his graduation. Now married to his wife Ginny of 46 years and a father to his 3 sons, Wayne, Brian and Andy, Scotty is planning to retire at the end of this year.

John Scott became interested in being a barber his senior year in high school when a teacher of his, Russell O’Beir, asked him to attend barber school along with him in the summer of 1962. Thinking it would be a great trade to get involved in as a part-time job, Scotty decided to attend school and found his first job as a barber working for Kinder and James, where he stayed for 5 years after replacing Jimmy James as a partner.

“At the time of attending barber school I did not know it would become a full time job,” commented Mr. Scott. “As time went by, I was good at barbering and barbering was good to me.”

Leaving the business that Kinder and James had begun to start his own business, Mr. Scott opened Scotty’s Barber Shop in the Milford Shopping Center and moved the business to its current location 30 years ago on Rehoboth Boulevard, where it remains today. He attributes his success over 5 decades to self- motivation, hard work and a commitment to always being there for his customers. According to Scotty, during the first 30 years of his business he worked 12 hour days, 7 days a week.

“My motivation to succeed was raising a family and putting three boys through college,” commented Scotty. “It was the American dream, to own a house and to own a successful business.”

Scotty says that his customers over the years have become a larger extended family to him, sometimes learning as much about their lives as he did his own family. Jim Pyle, a customer of Scotty for 13 years, says that he started coming to Scotty when he visited Delaware from Pennsylvania because of work.

“You don’t have to wait long and he does a great job,” commented Mr. Pyle.

Mr. Scott’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to be consistent and to continually evaluate the business. Even on a slow day at the shop, Mr. Scott would remain in the store from 5am to 5pm so that his clients would know they could come anytime during his posted hours to receive a haircut. He is proud to have several customers that have been with him since the beginning in 1962.

“Owning your own business will give you the right to work all the hours you want,” commented Mr. Scott. “and believe me there will be plenty. It takes self-motivation to be successful.”

After he retires, Scotty looks to travel the United States and take cruises with his wife Ginny as much as possible.
“We want to travel across the United States and see as much as we can,” commented Mr. Scott. “This country has a lot to offer.”