Cash Mob Plans To Hit Downtown Milford


On Saturday,September 22 Milford will have its first introduction to the Cash Mob, a new trend sweeping the nation as a way to show local support for local businesses. The LadyBug Shop, located at 23 Northwest Front Street in downtown Milford, will be the first business to experience the energy that the Cash Mob creates.

The term “Cash Mob” comes from the concept of “Flash Mob” where mobs of people gather in a specific place in a short period of time to perform the same action. Cash Mobs encourage members of a community to help small, local businesses by asking a group of people to spend a small amount of money, at the same business, at the same time. The objective of the event is to create an immediate cash flow and to also increase awareness of the chosen business, hoping to catch new customers and build a new client base.

Thought up by downtown Milford business owners during a Merchant’s Association Meeting over the summer, this specific Cash Mob encourages individuals to spend at least $15 at The LadyBug Shop from 10am to 2pm on September 22. The Ladybug Shop is a general gift shop with a natural, whimsical theme that revolves around lady bugs and turtles. The shop focuses on kid’s items but also includes home, kitchen and clothing merchandise that reflects their theme. They carry over 500 unique ladybug gifts.

“We hope that the Cash Mob idea brings more visibility to not only The LadyBug Shop but also the downtown Milford area,” commented Chistopher Clawson, Manager of The LadyBug Shop. “Being new to Milford, David and I take walks to meet people around town and it is amazing to see how many people do not know about the downtown Milford area.”

During the Cash Mob on September 22, The LadyBug Shop will also offer individuals that spend at least $15 at the shop a chance to win a door prize. Included in the raffled prize will be a 1 night stay at The Towers Bed & Breakfast, dinner for 2 at Abbott’s Grill, a gift certificate at Dolce, flowers from Milford Florist and Home Decor, a bottle of wine and a day of doggie daycare from Fur-Baby Boutique; the door prize is valued at over $250. Fifteen percent of the proceeds from the event will also be donated to the Mispillion Art League, a non-profit that supports the growth of the art community in Milford.

“The Cash Mob is really a way for all of the downtown businesses to work as a team and we look to replicate this on a larger scale,” commented Rhonda Bond, co-owner of The LadyBug Shop.

Through the success of Milford’s first ever Cash Mob, the downtown Merchant’s Association hopes to promote several more similar events for the downtown area throughout the year. September 22 will be a day for locals to demonstrate their support for Milford’s small town businesses and the town as a whole.

“We would love to have a line going out the door,” commented David Rule, Manager of the LadyBug Shop, when asked how he judges what a successful event would be . “It is all about bringing awareness to our shop and encouraging people to rediscover downtown Milford.”