Officer Melvin Recognized For Preparing Schools

Secretary of Homeland Security Lew Schirilo, Department of Education Associate John Sadowski, Governor Markell, MHS Director of Student Support Sylvia Henderson, RL Hughes from Department of Safety and Homeland Security, MHS Resource Officer Joey Melvin.

On Monday, September 10, officials from the Milford School District were present as Governor Jack Markell signed Senate Bill 233, the Omnibus School Safety Act, into law. The Act requires the Delaware Department of Safety and Homeland Security to work with schools, districts and first responders to develop comprehensive, up-to-date safety plans and lay out the responsibilities of the department, schools and districts in meeting the goal of bringing comprehensive school safety plans to each public school in the state.

Milford School Resource Officer Joey Melvin has been instrumental in facilitating the new comprehensive plan among the seven Milford schools and has helped the district become one of the first in the state to start implementing these practices. Moving forward, Officer Melin will continue to work with each specific school preparing them for future emergency procedures.

“No one thinks a disaster or tragedy can or will happen to them,” said School Resource Officer for Milford schools, Milford Private First Class Officer Joe Melvin.   “While the probably is not high, the possibility that something can happen warrants our preparation.”
Officer Melvin has worked in the Milford School District developing programs to teach students about cyberbullying, smart decision making and is also involved in the Milford Motivation Mentoring Program. In the upcoming school year he hopes to present courses on car seat safety, bike registration and pedestrian safety in local neighborhoods.

In light of the recent tragedy in Colorado, Officer Melvin has stressed the importance of
bringing heightened awareness to the capabilities of a determined individual in public places. Just this summer Melvin released information, across the state of Delaware through local media outlets, on strategies that can be used to survive an Active Shooter situation to the public. That article can be found at

“My goal is not to frighten anyone,” commented Officer Melvin. “It is to help make individuals aware that by planning and educating themselves and those around them, they can increase their chances of survival by being prepared.”

On Monday, October 1, Melvin will present “Rachel’s Challenge” to school-age children and the community at large in the Milford High School auditorium from 6:30 to 7:30 pm. Rachel’s Challenge is a program born out of the tragic death of Rachel Scott, the first child killed during the Columbine massacre. This program, developed by her family in her honor, provides real insights and tools to help better prepare and educate children to the dangers of and means for coping with bullying and promoting good choices.