Southern States Awarded Garden of the Month

Paul Collins, assistant manager of Souther States.

The grounds of the Southern States Milford Co-op at Highway 14 and Williamsville Road have been selected for the Beautification Award for the month of September.

Paul Collins, assistant manager of the Co-op said, “We make it our responsibility to demonstrate what we sell.” In 2009 when all new equipment for the gas pumps was installed, the surrounding lawns, plants, shrubs and mulches were put in.
The Co-op initially dates back to 1934 when it was the Lynn and Jacobs Southern States Farm Store. In 1948 a group of local farmers put up their own money to purchase the business and formed the Southern States Milford Co-op. As the backbone of our agricultural community, the Co-op makes an attractive addition to the community.

The Beautification Award is presented monthly by the Milford Garden Club. Generally the Award is given to a residential garden. However, the Club also gives recognition for a commercial property.