Hazards of Fast Food

This happy meal is on display at Extreme Total Fitness to show the hazards of eating fast food.

On August 28 Bobbi Pavlak of Extreme Total Fitness found a way to visually demonstrate to her members the health hazards associated with the consumption of fast food. Currently, displayed in the gym is a happy meal, with the date of purchase August 28, 2012 , that is exposed to air. Pavlak plans to leave the display there for 1 year to demonstrate how ingredients used in these foods do not break down inside or outside the human body. She reminds her members that there are so many chemicals in fast food that it will not go bad.

By Bobbi Pavlak

“I only eat fast food once in a while.” “I eat healthy when I go to a fast food restaurant.” ” I don’t super-size anything.” These may be comments you might hear or even have said yourself, when a discussion happens regarding eating healthy.

Any food at any fast food restaurant will not be a healthy choice. Many fast food salads contain a cilantro lime glaze and the orange glaze. The glazes contain propylene glycol. This is a chemical that is not legal to use in cat food because the safety has not yet been proven. It is also a chemical used to capture ground beetles. These salads also contain two ingredients that are present in MSG. MSG has been linked to obesity, depression, migraines, ADHD, and many other health challenges. The French fries are laced with chemicals used to make Teflon.

What is even more concerning, beef is being sold for school lunches and fast food restaurants across the USA that is being injected with ammonia. This is a chemical used in glass and window cleaning products. Even in low concentrations it is hazardous. All the extra cow parts and trimmings are put together and injected with the ammonia to kill the e.coli. Ammonia is classified as a “processing agent” and not listed as an ingredient on the labels. They claim the procedure is a way to make the beef safe to eat.