Bucs Defeat Lake Forest 10-1






By Kevin Eickman


On Thursday night,the Milford boys soccer team played the type of game they had better be getting used to. Anytime that Milford plays local rival Lake Forest high school the game is important, but following their recent struggles this one was huge. Having lost two of their last three games the Bucs found themselves a .500 team, with a 4-4-1 record.

Milford has come to a point where every game they play is a must win and there is very little margin for error if they hope to make the State tournament. Milford played the first half well enough to enjoy a 2-1 halftime advantage. The Bucs played a little flat, as has been the case since losing sophomore standout Andrez Luna to injury in the October 2nd Sussex Tech game. “There is no excuse for the type of play we demonstrated in the first half, they showed a real lack of effort and we addressed that.” said coach Ken Outten.

The Bucs responded after an impassioned half time speech from Coach Outten, demonstrating a relentless pressure and a passion for the game that had been missing the first half. Providing consistent offensive pressure, Milford netted eight goals in an offensive display that featured a hat trick from senior Hugo Arreguin-Orta.

The victory is the first of what will have to be many if the Bucs hope to move forward. The Bucs will need to win at least four of their remaining games if they hope to qualify for the State tournament. While the task will be difficult, it’s a challenge Coach Outten believes his team will meet. “We have to just about win every game going forward, I believe these guys are capable of making that happen,” stated Outten.