Lady Bucs Continue To Improve






By Kevin Eickman

Having been in and around sports my whole life, there is one thing I saw this week that I had never seen before. A team with little or no chance to win, having a great time, enjoying a game they love. This week the Milford Lady Buccaneers played matches 10 and 11 of the season. These contests ended in much the same way as the previous nine, with Milford once again falling in defeat.

This isn’t the first winless team in the history of high school sports, and it most assuredly won’t be the last. However, what this team lacks in talent and experience, they more than compensate for with class and spirit. Watching them play is a reminder of what high school sports is all about, it’s about learning and improving. This group of young ladies is doing Milford proud.

In just their second season, Milford had no delusions of just how tough a task it was going to be to start a program from the ground up. Coach Shawn Snyder has set realistic expectations, and thus far has been pleased with the results.

“We don’t judge ourselves by wins and losses, it’s about improving every game.” He added “It’s about learning and understanding the game, and getting better at it.”

All of the players on the Milford roster have less than two years playing varsity volleyball. With a large portion of those players being sophomores, this makes putting a timetable in place a realistic goal.

“We expect that by the time our sophomores become seniors that we will be able to compete against the other teams in the conference.” Snyder said.

Talking to Snyder about the positive atmosphere, he gave a huge amount of credit to his players for staying committed to each other “This team has such an incredible spirit, you very rarely see them get down.” He added “Even if a player does get down, they don’t stay down for long because a teammate will come along and pick them right up.”

This is a group of talented individuals that is fun to watch. What will be even more fun is watching them improve over the next few years.