Banneker Excels In 2012 Special Olympics

Back Row – Ronald Dameus, Teyahanna Prileau. Anothony Montgomery, Henry Herrera-Paz, Matthew Garnicj, Michael Carter, Christian Fullington and Kevin Kimbrough-Roach. Front Row – Jeffrey Aubourg, Rashad Saddiq-Neal, Jarrett Bernard, Amanda Potter, Yatzel Calderon-Rivera and Taylor Humes.

On Wednesday, October 20 Benjamin Banneker Elementary School participated in the 2012 Special Olympics Soccer Competition, which was held at Charlton School in Kent County. The athletes and their peer partners representing Banneker well as all of the children came home with an award.  Milford athlete, Teyahna Prileau, had the opportunity to introduce the emcee and start off the 2012 Special Olympics Soccer Skills Competition.

In 2001 Benjamin Banneker hosted their first Special Olympics team with 7 athletes. In just 11 years the program has grown to include a total of 30 participants, 15 athletes and 15 unified partners. Each Special Olympic athlete is matched with a student partner that supports and participates in the games, encouraging their partner athlete to follow the Special Olympics motto “let me win, but if I cannot win let me be brave in the attempt.”

Program Director for the Special Olympics at Benjamin Banneker Laurie Moorman has been a teacher with the Banneker School for 12 years.

“It teaches the athletes to be confident in their abilities as they get to see their own success,” commented Ms. Moorman. “It also teaches the unified partner students to treat everyone with compassion and to be accepting of those different than themselves.”

In Individual Skills, athletes Jeffery Aubourg, Jarrett Bernard, Amanda Potter and Matthew Garnick earned gold medals; Teyahna Prileau earned silver; Taylor Humes earned bronze and Rashad Saddiq earned forth place ribbon. In Advanced Skills, athletes Kevin Kimbrough Roach and Henry Herrera-Paz earned gold medals; Micheal Carter, Anthony Montgomery and Christian Fullington earned bronze; and Yatzel Calderon Rivera earned forth place ribbon.