Dr. Carter Pushes Student Success As New Principal


Dr. David Carter was promoted to the position of principal this year at the Milford High School as he continues his professional and personal journey to affect the lives of younf men and women. Faced with many changes over the past several years in the Milford School District, including a change in Superintendent, school uniforms and start times for each school, Dr. Carter remains a constant reminder to students that commitment and constant belief in success can conquer any obstacle.

David Carter grew up in Banneker Heights in Milford, now known as Brightway Commons, while his father was stationed at Dover Air Force Base. While in the seventh grade David moved to Kentucky where his Mother’s family lived. Carter describes Cadiz, Kentucky as the time in his life where he really found himself as an athlete and scholar. Seeing little opportunity in Kentucky for her children to become established, Rhinell Weldon, David’s mother, moved her children back to Delaware, where David completed his secondary education and high school athleticism at Sussex Central High School in Georgetown.

Graduating in 1997 from Sussex Central with honors as a scholar and an athlete, David was accepted and granted a full scholarship to attend Delaware State University. With a focus again on academics and sports he graduated Delaware State with honors in 2002 with a degree in Health and Physical Education K-12. In a move that would change the course of his life, Carter decided to pursue a career in education over professional sports. This commitment led Dr. Carter to achieve a master’s degree and doctorate in Educational Leadership. Last June, on the same day that Dr. Carter successfully defended his doctoral dissertation on the Effects of NO Child Left Behind On School Leadership, Culture and Student Achievement, he was named as interim Principal of Milford High School. Currently in his first full year as MHS Principal, Dr. Carter states that the two major influences in his life are his mother and his faith in God.

“My mother has always been my motivator,” commented Dr. Carter. “My mother was always there for me and reminded me that as long as I always gave my everything and trusted in God I could be successful. All of my success in life I owe to my mother and God.”

Taking lessons he learned from his mother, Dr. Carter impresses upon his students the importance of academics in their everyday lives. Addressing students before this school year, Carter spoke about the differences in life after twelfth grade for students that go on to college and those that do not receive a high school diploma. Putting it into terms that they could understand, he asked them if they know what it means to live paycheck to paycheck and showed them that with hard work and determination they all have a chance to have a successful life.

“There is more to life than just high school,” commented Dr. Carter. “We need to prepare these kids for the future whether that be college or the workforce. I let them know that it takes a full four year commitment at MHS to prepare for that. It is important for them to realize that in real life not everyone gets a trophy and when they get knocked down they need to know how to pick themselves back up.”

As a past MHS football coach, part of the 2008 State Championship coaching staff, and an avid Milford sports fan, Carter constantly finds himself helping student athletes understand that education and academics can lead to huge opportunities. It is not uncommon for past players and students of MHS to return to Milford asking to speak to Dr. Carter to share their success with him. Just recently Jerrell Allen, the 2011 Milford graduate that was drafted by the Kansas City Royals Major League Baseball Team, returned to the school and presented Carter with the bat that he had hit his first home run with.

“As the Assistant Football Coach under Mike Tkach I found myself wanting to teach young men about life first and in the meantime show them the game of football,” commenter Carter. “I teach all students that regardless of where they started, their future is determined on what they decide to do with their lives.”

Dr. Carter believes in building a culture of increasing achievement across all levels at the Milford High School and wants the school to be recognized for the hard work and determination of the student body. He says that his staff is excited to meet that opportunity and educate the students.

“We let students know that it is not where they come from when they walk through those doors in the morning,” commented Carter. “They are here at school together and we want them to leave educated and enlightened. All we ask is that they give us their all and we will meet them there. Kids do not care how much you know until they know how much you care.”