Milford LIVE Fans Visit DE Breweries


Milford LIVE hosted their second MLIVE Experiences Road Trip as they took Milford LIVE fans on  private tours of Fordham Brewing Company and Old Dominion Brewing Company in Dover and Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales in Milton on Saturday, October 20. MLIVE Experiences is a unique concept that brings Milford LIVE readers together offline to experience events, programs and activities in person.

Milford LIVE intends to make Milford LIVE Experiences a quarterly occurrence where fans from Milford LIVE will have the opportunity to meet others from Milford and surrounding communities. Milford LIVE is planning on hosting another experience after the first of the year and will be releasing details shortly. Please send any suggestions of events you want to attend to


On the bus on the way to Fordham Brewery in Dover, Delaware.

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