Sivels Named Athlete Of The Week

Destiny Sivels in last week’s game against Woodbridge. Photo Taken By Kevin Eickman.

By Jalyn Powell, MHS Student Reporter

Senior Destiny Sivels, this week`s featured Athlete of the Week, has been a major asset on the Milford High School varsity field hockey team. Her character, hard work on the field and drive this season have not gone unnoticed by her coach and teammates.

“Not only have her skills improved tremendously, but her fitness, speed, and work ethics are at a level they have never been before,” said MHS Head Coach Andrea Fleming.

Sivels said she has tried to get herself to a point where she can help her teammates. So far, Sivels has scored six goals as the varsity has worked well together to currently hold a 7-4 record.

“Destiny brings high intensity and speed to the team and motivates us to do better,” said senior teammate Alyssa Mills, who wasn’t the only one who felt this way about Sivels.

“Destiny always has a positive attitude and tells me to keep working,” added junior Alison Sanders.
Sivels perseveres as a team leader and wants to continually improve. Each game she seeks to do better than she did before, she said. She also shows this dedication in the classroom.

“Destiny is a student who always has something relevant and insightful to say in class,” said MHS history teacher Kevin DiCostanzo.

Sivels, who is looking to attend Shaw University or Mount Olive University in North Carolina, remains undecided whether she will continue to play field hockey or run track, yet another sport in which she excels. Nonetheless, she will likely bring along her unique character wherever she goes.

“Destiny has a great personality and is a joy to be around,” added MHS business teacher Rose Parker.
Sivels said she is already preparing to challenge for a state championship with the MHS track & field.

“I want to improve myself first so I can help others, I want to lead by example,” said Sivels.