Kent County SPCA Offers Pet Evacuation Tips

Photo sent in by Fur-Baby Boutique in Milford.

Pet Evacuation Tips:

With the imminent threat of Hurricane Sandy making landfall in Delaware early next week; the Kent County SPCA would like to remind the public of the extra steps necessary to make sure their pets are safe during the storm.

If pet guardians do not have a pet disaster kit already prepared for each of their pets, they should do so before the storm hits.  Such a kit should include:
Pet Medical Records (vaccination history, medications, etc.)
Current photograph of the pet
Pet’s veterinarian in name and phone number
Documentation of any behavior problems
Alternate contact information
A pet first aid kit
Leashes, collars or harnesses that have animal ID tags, rabies tag and license
A pet carrier for each animal
Food and water bowls, and litter pan (and litter) for cats
Food and water for at least a week (including a can opener)
Favorite toy(s) and blanket

An extra step that would prove beneficial to owners and their pets when utilizing emergency shelter is to put a current photo and vaccination history in a plastic baggy and adhere it to the animals collar (dog) or secure it to the carrier (cat).

Pet owners should always have a plan of where to bring their animal in case of evacuation where the pets are not welcome.  In cases of emergency there are often co-located pet shelters.

Please make sure you have a battery operated radio, as shelter open as there is a need.

If you are taking shelter at home, please ensure that you have enough food and water for yourselves and your pets for seven days, in the event of power outage.

The Kent County SPCA will update the public as information comes available through the shelter website, and Facebook page at  We are proud to serve both the animals and humans of the State of Delaware, especially in times of emergency.