Residents Going To Shelters Must Bring Adequate Supplies


Along with six other Red Cross shelters throughout the state, Milford Middle School will be open noon Sunday in preparation for Hurricane Sandy. Those who plan to relocate to Red Cross shelters during the storm are reminded to bring personal supplies that cannot be provided at the shelter. Many of these supplies are necessary for individual use and some are items that will make the stay more comfortable. The Milford Middle School will be a pet friendly facility.

Some items are as follows:

Bedding – Everyone occupying a shelter must bring their own sheets, blankets and pillows. Those who have camping cots or inflatable mattresses are encouraged to bring them since growing shelter populations will strain the cot supply.

Special needs foods, snacks – Shelter occupants who have special dietary needs must supply those foods. Shelters will provide cooked meals, but no prescriptive foods. Those who might want between meals snacks are encouraged to bring a supply. Cereals, energy bars, nuts and fruit are especially good for families with children.

Important documents – Copies of medical records, insurance information, deeds or leases, birth certificates and utility bills showing address are important to have on hand. The shelter will not require them, but no one knows what the status of their home will be following the storm and having such documents can be very helpful.

Personal hygiene items – Toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, soaps, lotions must be provided by individuals.

Medications – All medications used by those coming to shelters must be provided by the individual. People should contact their medical provider and pharmacist if they have questions or needs related to prescriptions.

Games, books, toys to occupy children – It is very important for families to bring items that can entertain or even provide a calming effect for children. Everyone in a shelter must remember that the space will be cramped and noise should be kept at a minimum. Loud radios, CD players and DVD players are not welcome and should not be used in close proximity to others.

When pets are brought to a shelter, the owners should provide the following:

  • Medical records, vaccination history, and medications
  • Current photographs
  • Veterinarian phone number
  • Documentation of any behavior problems
  • Alternate contact information
  • First aid kit
  • Leashes, collars, or harnesses (extra sturdy), and muzzle (if necessary) with identification tags
  • A pet carrier for each animal
  • Food and water bowls, litter pan for cats
  • Food and water for at least 7 days, can opener
  • Toys, blanket

The following Red Cross shelters will open noon Sunday:

Sussex County

  • Cape Henlopen High School, 1250 Kings Highway, Lewes, pet friendly
  • Milford High School, 1019 N. Walnut St., Milford, pet friendly
  • **Indian River High School, 29772 Armory Road, Dagsboro (NO PETS)**

Kent County

  • Dover High School, 1 Patrick Lynn Drive, Dover, pet friendly
  • Smyrna Middle School, 700 Duck Creek Parkway, pet friendly

New Castle County/Wilmington

  • William Penn High School, 713 E. Basin Rd., New Castle, pet friendly
  • Middletown High School, 120 Silver Lake Rd., pet friendly