Governor Speaks Hours Before Sandy’s Landfall


In a press conference on Monday afternoon from the Atlantic Sands Hotel and Conference Center, in Rehoboth Beach, DE, Governor Markell made remarks on the effects of Hurricane Sandy to date and the outlook over the next several days.

“The threat is real and we are only hours away from landfall of Hurricane Sandy and its impact,” commented Governor Markell.

The Governor stated that state officials are concerned most about the hours between 9pm to 12 midnight tonight as the tidal cycles will see several high tides. He stated that winds will could be between 40 to 50 miles per hour with wind gusts up to 70 miles per hour.

According to the Governor there has been 6,600 power outages across Delaware at the time of the press conference. He urged individuals to expect more power outages and that the outages could last a while due to utility companies being unable to repair equipment because of dangerous weather. There have been 650 people located in the seven shelters across the state.

The Governor’s message for tonight is to “hunker down, be safe and prepare to stay put for a while. “We will get thorught this , we just need to stick together,” commented Governor Markell. “Over the next few hours and overnight it will get worse.”