Gallery 37 To Strengthen Art Community


Gallery 37 will soon be the newest addition to the growing downtown Milford art scene as it plans to open its doors this winter. Marcia Reed and David Pickrell, owners of Gallery 37, have been busy transforming both the interior and exterior of the downtown building located at 8 S Walnut Street, next to the Riverfront Theatre. Planning to host their Grand Opening on Saturday, December 8, Marcia and Dave will be welcoming residents from Milford and surrounding areas to experience the unique art that Marcia plans to bring to the Milford community.

Born and raised in Western Massachusetts in a small town known as Agawan, Marcia and David met and dated from the ages of 15 to 22. The name of their new business, Gallery 37, represents the next 37 years of their lives after college as Marcia and David took their lives in different directions. After receiving her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Fine Arts, Marcia taught art education at The Williston Northampton School in Massachusetts for 35 years. Focusing his life in business management David worked for the Italian manufacturing company Chiorino Inc. in Newark, Delaware, which he is now Vice President. As life often does, Marcia and David were reconnected years later and decided to once again share theirs lives together.

“We are not the same people we were but somehow we are the same people,” commented Marcia. “We both grew so much as individuals in those 37 years.”

“There was always a continued connection between us both over the years,” stated David.

Looking to retire from The Williston Northampton School, Marcia felt that it was time to pursue a desire of her own that she never had time to invest, starting her own business. During her summers off from teaching Marcia visited David and searched for the perfect location to live and start that business. Admitting that the two would always drive through Milford to look at towns such as Rehoboth and Lewes, Marcia and David took a hard look at the quaint town of Milford after meeting with Milford art enthusiast Scott Angelucci.

“Scott was so positive and excited about the growing art community in Milford that we decided to have a look around,” commented Marcia. “The town of Milford really reminded us of East Hampton about 15 to 20 years ago, it was a manufacturing town that turned into a destination for the arts.”

After becoming familiar with the communal commitment to the arts in downtown Milford among artists, business owners, non-profit and the City of Milford, Marcia and David decided to make Milford the place for their new home and business. Through Gallery 37 the couple will feature unique artwork that will enhance the art community in the area and hope to draw individuals from Delaware and larger metropolitan areas such as Philadelphia and Washington D.C.

Marcia describes her inspiration for art as very versatile, sharing that there is a side of her art that is more open and expressionistic and also several paintings that are conservative and reserved. She is not a site specific painter but rather likes to live in the moment when inspiration hits and paint from memory at a later time. The new gallery will not only feature works of art from Marcia but also of several other artists that work with different mediums.

“I really like the power and movement of water and the skies,” commented Marcia when describing her own art. “When choosing other artists’ work I really tried to pick artists that I really love and that represent different forms including sculptures, furniture and wearable art.”

Marcia and David will be hosting the Grand Opening of Gallery 37 on Saturday, December 8 from 5 to 8 pm. The exhibit titled Cypress Along The Mispillion will feature 16 artists from several different mediums that play on their own interpretation of the theme.

“We want people to come in and experience something new, really take an interest and be inquisitive,” commented Marcia. “I want to feature art that wakes people up.”