Wilson Seeks Reelction

Photo from Sam Wilson.

On Tuesday, November 6 local voters will be deciding which man they want to serve as their Sussex County Councilman for the 2nd District.  The 2nd District of the Sussex County Council represents northwestern and central Sussex County including parts of Milford. Gary Wolfe (Democrat) is challenging the incumbent Samuel Wilson Jr. (Republican).

Samuel R. Wilson, Jr., currently serves as the 2nd District Councilman on the five-member Sussex County Council. Elected to council in 2008, Mr. Wilson currently serves as the body’s Vice President. A lifelong resident and farmer in Sussex County, mr. Wilson and his wife Helen live near georgetown and are the parents of four grown children and grandparents to eight grandchildren.

1. Why are you running for the Sussex County District 2 seat?

I am running for this office because I deeply care about this county and our way of life here. I was raised in Sussex and I have raise my family and all my 4 children are raising their families in Sussex. So the future of my family and yours are a great concern to me and this is why I decided to invest my time and effort to be involved. I want to make Sussex County a positive environment to encourage business to grow and prosper so our children will not have to leave Sussex County to find goof jobs.

2. What personal or professional background will be critical to performing the duties of State Representative?

I am a farmer and land owner, both of these are important bring we are in an agricultural area. As a land owner I am interested in protecting land owner property rights and keeping land use decision on the local level.

3. Name a specific example of something the Sussex County Council has done to improve the quality of life for citizens in Delaware.

We have kept taxes low during these tough times.

4. Name a specific example of something you would like to change in your first term if you are elected to the Sussex County Council.

Having served as a member of the Council for the past 4 years and Vice President for 2 years. I still would like to see less government and cut County taxes as we have this past year.

5. What issues do you feel are important to the citizens of Milford, Delaware in particular?

I want to work to keep regulations and property taxes low, maintain a good relationship with officials and citizens in the area. I will also try to get businesses to consider making Milford their location.

6. How will you offer help to the City of Milford’s focus on economic development?

Keep the cost of government involvement down so that business can grow and thrive. Work on keeping rules and regulations intact so as to make Milford business friendly.

7. If elected to office in November, how will you help small business owners in your district?

By containing to keep taxes low, 2. Less government intrusion, 3. Rules and regulations to a minimum, 4. Just being available to businesses when problems arise.

8. Why should voters choose you over your opponent on Tuesday, November 6, 2012.

Serving on the County Council the past 4 years I have gained the experience and knowledge of the issues facing the people of Sussex County. I am honest, sincere, hard-working and accessible to address the problems of my constituents in the 2nd Councilmatic District. Your vote would be appreciated.