Beneath The Homecoming Crown

Homecoming Queen Jordan Suit and King Nicholas Jefferson.

By Brenna Schafer, MHS Student Reporter

Milford High senior Jordan Suit said she was “shocked and overwhelmed” that she won the crown as the school’s 2012 Homecoming queen on October 19. She felt like she was “the best person to represent Milford High School” because she wasn’t like any ordinary homecoming queen.

Indeed, Suit, who is confined to a wheel chair after being born with cerebral palsy, is a bit different. Yet, while her condition makes daily activities nearly impossible without the help of others, it didn’t keep her from leading all queen nominees in votes.

“I think it’s safe to say Jordan Suit was one of the happiest 17-year-olds at Homecoming that night, and she will remember that moment for the rest of her life,” said Jordan’s sister, Rachel. “Jordan said she was so pleased that she had the chance to prove to people that dreams do come true when you don’t give up. Jordan’s condition isn’t what makes her stand out, it’s her bubbly personality and big heart.”

Besides her condition, Jordan has had different high school struggles, like most teens. Fortunately, her aide Mrs. Kim Evans, who has been with her throughout high school each day, has been there to support her for anything she needs. Their relationship started years ago when Mrs. Evans met Jordan as a little girl.

“Jordan is caring, intelligent, and witty,” said Evans. “Jordan said beginning high school was a challenge because she didn’t have as many friends as she wanted, but as the years went by, she gained more and more friends. Now she has won homecoming queen thanks to some of her friends’ nominations.”

Those close pals include Tori Justice, Brianna Talkington, Libby Seaman, Patrick Galloway and a few others, said Jordan.

“I cried because I was so proud of my best friend,” said Justice, a senior classmate. “I decided to nominate her as a surprise because that was the one thing Jordan always dreamed of. She is such a strong girl who doesn’t let her disability get in the way of anything she does.”

“I wanted to break the stereotype that you have to be popular and perfect to be something special,” said Jordan’s sister on why she also voted for her.

In her free time, Jordan’s favorite activities include watching television or visiting camp. Her role model is country singer Brad Paisley because he sings music that inspires her to be the best she can be. As far as college plans, Jordan said she is deciding between University of Delaware or Wilmington University. She is in the process of applying for 33 scholarships, but remains undecided on her major.