2012 General Election Is Underway


On Tuesday, November 6, Delaware voters will go to the polls for the 2012 General Elections. Residents of Milford will have two key races on the ballet as they vote for candidates for State Representative and Sussex County Council seats.

In the race for the 33rd District, which represents a portion of northern Milford, small business owner Kevin Robbins (Democrat) is challenging the incumbent Harold “Jack” Peterman (Republican). The winner of this race will serve as State Representative of the 33rd District during the 147th General Assembly.

Democratic challenger Kevin Robbins, small produce farmer and milk hauler on Paradise Alley near Killen’s pond, states that he will bring “reasonable, common sense, solutions to our current problems and bring a ‘no-nonsense’ approach to creating a brighter future for our families.” As a small business owner, Robbins believes “that the best way to create jobs is to give incentives for the small businesses to grow” and “will bring fresh ideas with an old fashion work ethic.”

State Representative Jack Peterman is a life-long resident of the area and a long-time farmer that believes he has a “deep connection to our community, a good understanding of the challenges we face, and a sincere desire to help the residents of the 33rd District overcome these challenges.” Previously serving Kent County as Levy Court Commissioner and Kent County Levy Court President, Peterman believes that “employment is the top issue facing the district”and will work to “re-craft the state’s energy policies so that they make sense for both businesses and the environment.”

In the race for the 2nd District of the Sussex County Council, which represents northwestern and central Sussex County including parts of Milford, Gary Wolfe (Democrat) is challenging the incumbent Samuel Wilson Jr. (Republican). The winner of this race will serve as the next Sussex County Councilman in January 2013.

Democratic challenger Gary Wolfe, former member of the Milford School Board of Education, is telling constituents that he will commit to creating more communication between County, State and City entities in Sussex County in order to improve job situations in the county. Wolfe also states that he will focus on making sure that Sussex County improves the need for infrastructure to meet future growth.

As a lifelong resident of District #2 in Sussex County, Sam Wilson prides himself on “helping keep Sussex County taxes low through hard economic times” and wants to continue “creating an environment so that businesses can create more jobs.” In the Republican primary held in September for the seat Sam Wilson defeated challenger John Christensen 1676 votes (74.2%) to 583 (25.8%) votes.

Voting for the General Elections in the state of Delaware will occur on Tuesday, November 6. Polls are open from 7 am to 8 pm. To view where voting will take place for specific individuals visit http://pollingplace.delaware.gov/. Delaware voters can also use their smartphones to find their polling places for the 2012 General Election using the new Delaware Polling Places iPhone app from the Delaware Commissioner of Elections. The new app is a mobile version of the popular Polling Place Map Locator found at elections.delaware.gov.

To be eligible to vote in the State of Delaware, an individual must be a United States citizen, resident of Delaware (proof required), 18 years of age and mentally competent. For more information visit the State of Delaware Department of Elections online at http://elections.delaware.gov/services/voter/voter.shtml.