Carlisle Awards Students For Fire Prevention



On Sunday November 11th the Carlisle Fire Company held their annual Fire Prevention Posters and Essays Awards Program at the Fire Station. Winners from first through eighth grade received either trophies or other special commendations for the entries the students submitted through their school. Carlisle Fire Company Chief Elect, Charles Vanaman and President, Marvin Sharp are pictured with the students that received their 2012 awards. The students are Emma Holt, Verity Layton, Isabella Keesler-Evans, Madison Arnold, Connor Christie, Micah Lawson, Brianna Casely, Shannon Onusko, Mark Hough Jr., Hannah Shockley, Jenna Ansalvish, Madeline Shahan, Susan Washinski, Ireland Stump, Mariah Todd, Natalie Stevenson, Olivia Giltner, Christopher Perry, Vanessa Johnson, and Cade Skuvy.