Simpson Will Remain Senate Minority Leader


On Wednesday, November 28 The Delaware State Senate Republican Caucus selected Senator Gary Simpson to remain as Senate Minority Leader. Senator Simpson (R-Milford, 18th District) has served as Senate Minority Leader for the past four years. He says the top priority for his caucus, and the entire legislature, is the economy.

“I think the greatest challenge we’ll face this year is balancing the budget. We’ve got some taxes that are due to sunset this year,” said Senator Simpson, referring to increases in state personal income, gross receipts, franchise and estate taxes. “We’ve got to make sure those taxes are not extended in order to put more money in the hands of Delaware’s people.”

Last September, The 18th Senatorial District Republican Primary Race saw incumbent F. Gary Simpson and challenger Matthew Opaliski face off as Simpson defeated challenger Opaliski, 1515 votes (68%) to 712 (32%) votes. Simpson has been a Republican member of the Delaware State Senate for 14 years, since 1998, when Senator Bob Voshell retired from the post. No Democratic contender in the General Election race allowed Simpson to become Delaware’s next Senator from District 18 in November with no challenge.

F. Gary Simpson was born in Houston, Delaware and has lived in Milford for 36 years. Married to wife Debbie Simpson for 43 years, Gary is father to three daughters Lindsay, Abby and Andrea. Simpson achieved his Bachelor and Master’s of Science degrees at the University of Delaware.In addition to being a state senator, Simpson is also a member of the Alumni and University Relations group for the University of Delaware. In the Senate, Republicans picked up one seat in the election to cut the Democrats’ lead to 13-8.