MHS Student Arrested For Possession of Shotgun On School Grounds

School Resource Officer Joey Melvin
School Resource Officer Joey Melvin

Milford Police arrested a 16-year-old Milford High School student on December 17, 2012 and charged him with possessing a firearm in a Safe School Zone, carrying a concealed deadly weapon and possession of an unlawfully loaded shotgun. School Resource Officer Joey Melvin reported learning of a rumor that a student had a firearm at school, which led to the discovery of a loaded shotgun inside a vehicle in the school’s parking lot.

“My investigation led to a vehicle which was searched and a shotgun was found,” said Officer Melvin. “There were no threats associated with the arrest. As always we urge anyone that hears of something suspicious to contact the School Resource Officer or the nearest Administrator. We do not take these incidents lightly and we act very quickly and vigilantly to any information we receive.”

The student was arraigned through Kent County Family Court and released to the custody of his parents along with $20,100 unsecured bond. According to police, the student is required to wear an electronic monitoring devices and undergo a mental evaluation.

“I talked directly with our Resource Office Joey Melvin after the incident occurred and he stated that he felt that there was no threat to the school,” stated Milford Superintendent Phyllis Kohel.

On the morning of the incident, before it had occurred, Officer Melvin, Dr. Kohel and principals from each school in the Milford District were in a meeting discussing the crisis plan for each school. According to Dr. Kohel, each principal was asked to review the plan and talk with Officer Melvin about their individualized crisis plan.

“Officer Melvin and the Milford Police Department have been trained and certified in active shooter training and has trained teachers how to handle these situations,” stated Dr. Kohel. “We are taking a hard look at our comprehensive safety plans for each school, we are confident in those plans but there is always room to improve. We are going to continue work with teachers to make sure they are completely confident of how to react if, God forbid, an incident should occur.”


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