City of Milford 2013 Trash, Recycling, Yard Waste Information

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Living in the City of Milford ourselves we know how basic information on trash collection, curbside recycling and yard waste can be difficult to recall when you need to know the answer at a moment’s notice.  Below we have provided a 2013 Trash and Recycling Schedule and detailed information on the Curbside Recylying and Yard Waste Collection Programs.

For further information visit or call the City of Milford Public Works Department at 302-422-6616, ext. 100.


All information received from the City of Milford:

Curbside Recycling

About Our Program

The city’s recycling program is now in its seventh year and remains free of charge, including free recycling containers. Recycling reduces the volume of trash interred at the landfill, saves the city tipping fees, and is environmentally friendly.
Collection occurs on Thursdays; to obtain the 2013 Trash/Recycling Collection Schedule, please visit our website at, or you may also obtain a copy at your local library or any City of Milford office. A 65 or 95-gallon wheeled cart is provided at no charge. The cart must be placed at the curb on your designated Thursday morning before 7:00 am for collection.

Accepted Materials*

• Cardboard
• Glass bottles / jars (any color)
• Junk mail / envelopes (all types)
• Magazines / catalogs
• Metal cans (tin / steel / aluminum)
• Milk jugs, bleach / detergent, shampoo bottles • Narrow-neck plastic bottles
• Newspapers / brown paper bags
• Paper
• Paperboard (cereal / tissue boxes)
• Plastic grocery bags
• Telephone / soft cover books
• Pizza Boxes(free of food residue)
• PLASTICS update – #1, #2, #4, #5 and #7 plastics. These
numbers, known as the resin identification code, are located on the inside of an arrow-shaped triangle found at the bottom of each plastic container.
*for proper disposal of ACCEPTABLE items, please visit for more info.

Unacceptable Materials*

• Styrofoam (all types)
• Hardback Books (pages are acceptable, remove hard cover)
• Light Bulbs (all types)
• Household Batteries
• Electronics
• Broken Glass / Mirrors / Window glass
• Empty Aerosol spray cans
• Paint cans
*for proper disposal of UNACCEPTABLE items, please visit for more info.

Yard Waste

About Our Program

In an effort to improve how yard waste is contained and removed in the City of Milford, amendments were recently made to Chapter 193 of the City code (Solid Waste). Residents are encouraged to go online and familiarize themselves with all the changes by reading the updated code at

The City of Milford will continue to pick up yard waste, without any additional charges for the residents. However in order to continue to offer a yard waste service some modifications are going to occur, these are as follows:

• Yard waste will be picked up every Wednesday from April 1st to October 31st of each year. A Bi-weekly service will be offered; with Resident’s yard waste being picked up the same week as their recycling.
• The City will issue a specialized yard waste container (at no charge) to those residents who request one, and come in sizes 95, 65 and 35 gallon. Residents should call the Public Works administrative assistant (Christie Murphy) at 422-6616 ext.100 to order a container.
• In an effort to eliminate unmanageable piles of yard debris, the City issued yard waste container will be the only acceptable container; all previously used homeowner containers will no longer be used. Also anything outside of the container will no longer be picked up, including piles of yard waste and bagged yard waste.
• Containers have been ordered by the City of Milford, and once those containers have arrived they will be delivered to those residents who have requested one.
• All containers will be delivered over the coming months to those residents who request one and Yard waste pick up in the new containers will begin the week of April 1st 2013.
• From November 1st through January 31st of each year, the City will offer its leaf vacuum service. Leaves should be raked to the curb, but not in the street. In order to help eliminate piles of leaves from blowing in the street, Public Works is asking residents to place a suitable tarp over their leaf pile (this will be placed back on the homeowner’s property once the leaves have been removed).
• Leaf pick up will be offered on an as needed basis during the months November to January. In an effort to cover the entire City, the leaf pickup will be offered to all residents once a week, if residents have more leaves to be vacuumed they must wait until the following week.
• The leaf vacuum will operate on the following schedule, Monday 1st ward, Tuesday 2nd ward, Wednesday 3rd ward, Thursday 4th ward (weather permitting).

The Public Works Departments thank you in advance as we implement this new system, and we are confident it will be a well utilized and efficient program. If you have further questions in the coming months, please feel free to contact us at any time at 422-6616 ext.100.

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