Planning Commission Approves New Halpern Eye Building

Artist conceptualization of the new Halpern Eye Associates building.
Artist conceptualization of the new Halpern Eye Associates building.

By Terry Rogers

On December 18, 2012, at the regular meeting of the City of Milford Planning Commission, a new 12,000 square foot building was approved by unanimous vote for Halpern Eye Associates. The new building is planned at the rear entrance to Walmart on Airport Road, next to Mosquito Control.

Ken Christenbury of Axiom Engineering presented the plans for the project, and explained that the site was originally approved for The First National Bank of Wyoming in 2007. The design for the Halpern Eye Associates building includes many of the same features that were included in the bank design, with only a few minor changes to parking spaces. Based on information provided by the Commission during the bank planning, there will be no entrance to the complex from Airport Road and the only entrance to the new complex will be from the Walmart entrance. Additional landscaping was also added on the frontage side and sidewalks will be installed along Airport Road and the Walmart entrance, and fencing installed adjacent to the property where Mosquito Control exists.

The ground floor of the building will house Halpern Eye Associates, and, similar to other buildings throughout the state owned by Halpern, the second floor will be leased to tenants. Commissioner Jason James asked if they had any tenants for the building yet.

“We do not have any at this time, but we expect it to be a mixed-use development with retail, medical and legal offices,” Ryan Halpern explained. The Nanticoke office for Halpern Eye Associates leases space to Peninsula General, while the Dover office contains medical offices, while the Middetown location shares space with law offices.

When asked what will happen to the building where Halpern currently conducts business, Ryan Halpern explained that his father was a co-owner of that complex, and at the present time, Halpern Eye Associates were the only tenants in the building, which is off the beaten path and dated.

Dr. Harold Halpern opened Halpern Eye Associates in 1946, with locations in Milford and Smyrna. The office was originally located on Northeast Front Street, and in 1988, the company expanded the Milford location, moving to Masten Circle where it currently operates.

“We are expanding services and adding more technology for our patients,” said Sharon Fields, Vice-President of Marketing and Advertising for Halpern Eye Associates. “In addition, the new location will be more accessible for patients.” Halpern Eye Associate is still a family run business, operated by Dr. Harold Halpern’s son, Joel and his grandson, Ryan.