Social Club Shares memories From Philly

Philly Pholk social club meeting at the Rookery North at Shawnee.
Philly Pholk social club meeting at the Rookery North at Shawnee.

In 2007 Milford resident Joan Muffler started a social organization known as Philly Pholks as a way to meet families that had moved from Philadelphia to the city of Milford. Encouraging individuals originally from the Greater Philadelphia Area to share camaraderie and stories about their lives in the City of Brotherly Love, the group is now celebrating its fifth year.

Group organizer Joan Muffler was raised in the 1500 block of Garnet Street in Philadelphia in a small neighborhood that consisted of the familiar row homes that make up most of Philadelphia. Being close with her neighbors, Joan found comfort in this way of life as a child and found a similar connection between families when she visited her daughter in Milford. Fourteen years ago, after working at the Bucks County Bank, Joan retired to Milford to spend more time with her daughter and decided that the small town would be a great place to live the next chapter of her life. She is now a very active member in the local Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 6483, American Legion and a mentor at the Mispillion Elementary School.

“The living expenses were low and we were close to the beach but the people of Milford are what made us enjoy the area,” commented Joan. “After living here for just a short time we had felt like we had lived her forever and didn’t miss Philadelphia.”

The Philly Pholks social organization emphasizes the camaraderie and closeness that Joan felt when she met other couples in Milford that were from the Philadelphia area. After sharing memories of the Philadelphia schools, food and unique culture, Joan decided it was time to begin a social club that would help join Philadelphia families together to talk about their former home.

John and Carol Kiefer have been members of Philly Pholks since it began in 2007 and enjoy talking with others from the Philadelphia area. The couple met in Philadelphia and lived together in North East Philly for 36 years before moving to Bucks County and then Milford 8 years ago. Originally from North Philadelphia, John spent 64 years of his life in the city founded by William Penn. Looking to retire on the East Coast of the United States, Carol and John looked at every state from Florida to Delaware to call home. After being taken on a tour of Milford by friends of a friend, the couple decided to settle down in Matlinds Estates in South East Milford.

“There is no traffic, the weather is a lot better and the people are all very nice,” commented Carol when asked what she and John liked about Milford. “We joined the gym and began to meet a lot of people. We decided to join Philly Pholks just to be able to talk with people that we had a lot in common with, it has been fun. “

Philly Pholks meets once a month at different local restaurants and takes trips back to the old neighborhoods during the year. Individuals and families from the Philadelphia area are encouraged to join and share their memories of growing up in Philadelphia with the group. Interested individuals should contact Joan Muffler at 302-422-2834 or