VFW Serves Milford Community


photo-300x224Although many know that local VFW posts serve the men and women that have served the United States in foreign combat, few know what goes on behind closed doors. An organization that provides resources, assistance and support for veterans, the Veterans of Foreign Wars Blue Hen Post 6483 in Milford, Delaware provides for the Greater Milford community as a whole.

Post Commander Gerald Thompson finds great solace and purpose being a member of the VFW Post in Milford since 2003. Commander Thompson served in the United Stated Army during Vietnam and assumed the rank of a E5-Sergeant. Through his own experiences he knows the pressures and difficulties that foreign war veterans face when they return to civilian life.

“The VFW is a place where a veteran can feel like he is home again, their is a camaraderie between veterans of foreign wars that is impossible to find anywhere else,” commented Dr. Thompson. “When you come here there is a feeling of comfort that
everyone around you has had a similar experience.”

The men and women of the VFW Blue Hen Post 6483 benefit local veterans by providing information and access to government and community resources. Working with state agencies, schools, non-profits and community and faith-based organizations, the VFW post guides veterans to information including employment opportunities, help with utilities and food assistance.

“These girls and guys come back from combat with many difficulties including Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and we make referrals for them to receive health and disability benefits through Veterans Affairs,” commented Post Chaplin Edward Mocevlski. “We are here to inform them about what resources are available for them.”

In addition to serving veterans, the VFW post has built a committed community outreach program to assist and educate Milford families and individuals. In 2012 Blue Hen Post 6483 maintained a pantry for the less fortunate, assisted families with rent and heating oil and volunteered at local schools as mentors. Members of the post also held ceremonies recognizing Memorial Day and Pearl Harbor, educating the community about the sacrifices that United States service members have made.

“We reach out to the community and get involved any way that we can,” commented Mocevlski. “We fought for our communities in combat and now we want to continue our commitment to them.”

With an abundance of post members being Vietnam veterans, The VFW in Milford is encouraging veterans of more recent foreign wars, including Iraq and Afghanistan, to become members. As these newer veterans are statistically seeing more combat, redeploying oversees in some cases four and five times, commander Thompspon stresses the increased need for support from fellow veterans.

“These veterans are coming back to a family, wife and their community that have little knowledge of what they have experienced,” commented Dr. Thompson. “This place offers them support and brotherhood , it will benefit them and their families.”

Veterans and other individuals looking for more information on the Foreign Wars Blue Hen Post 6483 in Milford are encouraged to visit the post online at http://vfwmilfordde.com, contact the post at 302-422-4412 or at buddy@vfwmilfordde.com.