Unpublished Games Festival Hosted Jan 20

George Tagmire thinks quickly during a game of Wartime by designers Josh Tempkin and Brad Lackey at Unpub 2, held in Dover, Delaware last year.
George Tagmire thinks quickly during a game of Wartime by designers Josh Tempkin and Brad Lackey at Unpub 2, held in Dover, Delaware last year.

Board game enthusiast John Moller, with Cartrunk Entertainment, will host the 3rd Annual Unpublished Games Festival (Unpub 3) on Saturday, January 19 from 10am to11pm and Sunday, January 20 from 10am to 6pm at the St. Thomas More Academy in Magnolia, DE. Unpub 3 is an event dedicated to the improvement of yet to be published board, card, and role playing games through play-testing.

The Unpublished Games Festival will feature 63 brand new games from 40 different game designers and will be available for all ages from 6 to 99. The festival will offer a wide variety of play experiences from fast paced manual dexterity games to more thought provoking fare such as the fate of the nation after its’ eventual collapse.

The idea behind Unpub three began will Mr. Moller’s love for board games and his several ventures in designing his own. In 2009 he entered a game he designed himself into a regional competition in Maryland for Rio Grande Games. Although John was hesitant to test his game out among other gaming enthusiasts, he enjoyed the playing other unpublished games and welcomed critiques of his own game.

“I was scared to test my game, taking intellectual property and having it tested by others,” commented John. “…but we had fun playing each other’s game and I decided to attend more conventions and blog about my experiences.”

In January of 2010, Mr. Moller decided to begin the first Annual Unpublished Games Festival in Woodside, Delaware. What started out as a small crowd and nine game creators the first year has turned into an event that is attended by many game publishers and a great networking opportunity for gamers of all ages.

“This festival allows people to test games with more than just their friends,” commented John. “Being at the festival puts you in the path of people who already enjoy buying unique games and have more knowledge of unpublished games.”

Many games at the 3rd Annual Unpublished Games Festival are family friendly and can be played with kids while others are geared more towards adults. There will be word games, party games, games where players have to work together. Some games are even educational such as the highly interactive Chemistry themed “Compounded” by Dover native Darrell Louder.

Unpub 3 is one of the premier events for the play-testing of unpublished games. This year’s event will run for two full days of game playing fun and give participants many opportunities to talk with people in the board game publishing industry. Players are wanted and welcome. The $5 General Admission badge, available at the door, will gain players access to all the titles being presented at the event both days. Those interested are encourages to come in, play some new games, talk with designers and publishers and leave feedback. For more information contact John Moller by calling him at 302-632-2139 by email at john@cartrunk.net. Information on Unpub 3 and the Unpub Network can also be found on Unpub.net.